MiniDebconf at Panama (day Three)

March 21, 2010

Today is the last day of this conference, which has been a great experience of interaction between Central America and Caribbean communities. Yesterday we had packaging, BTS, kernel, pbuilder and quilt related talks. We also expanded the web of trust with a key signing party with almost 30 participants. Even a BoF about people interested in VoIP was held before going downtown to share some beers :)

This morning we had talks about hands on maintaining and translation tasks, we had also a group photo, and a quick visit to the Panama Canal.

Although it has been hard for me to and others to identify common areas of interest towards future work in Debian, it seems to me that these could be centered around l10n and i18n issues, along with packaging and digital inclusion projects.

  • Nelson Castillo

    Interesting. I would agree that internationalization problems are a priority.