Linux guy working in a Windows desktop

March 30, 2011

After >7 years of working on my own Linux machine, I now have to work on a Windows XP laptop for my new employer.

It’s been almost a week and a half now, and I think I’m starting to get used to it (as far as a Gnome user can be), thanks to the following tools, that I had to install in order to survive and not getting mad:

  • Firefox: for obvious reasons, the first thing is to get rid of IE.
  • gVim: thank $DEITY there is a windows port for Vim.Enlace
  • Putty: of course, I still need to log into several Linux machines.
  • mRemote: its a wrapper around putty to handle several sessions, and also supports RDP and other protocols.
  • WinSCP: just because mRemote doesn’t support SCP.
  • muCommander: to browse the file system in a decent way. It also supports SCP, but I haven’t been able to customize it properly (opening files with gVim), so I’m not using it really.
  • XChat: its always cool to hang around IRC.
  • Pidgin: to deal with the social mess of chats/contacts out there.

There is also a GEdit for windows, but I seldom use it.


  • todoesverso

    Hi, Im afraid Im in the same situation than yours.
    What I found very useful and friendly is this program called MoabXterm.

    Check it out, it has scp, ssh, X, and supports multiple terminals. It also has emacs, gcc, perl and other plugins you can use.


  • Palle

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  • Anonymous

    WinXP? That’s terrible. Win7 is at least somewhat usable.

  • kostix

    For file browsing I recommend — it’s a console program, but it appears to be unmatched by its configurability and has tons of plugins available for it (including one to do SFTP).

  • kostix

    And regarding the muCommander problem:

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I didn’t know about this muCommander, it’s pretty useful, thanks buddy, good post!!!

  • Anonymous

    Have you already tried Double Commander?

  • TYR

    Prueba Unix Tools para sentirte más cerca de casa, sin todo el rollo de instalar Cygwin ;) . Y me extrañó que no pusieras Python en la lista!

  • alerios

    Wow! MobaXterm is a very usable, portable and cool wrapper for Cygwin, unix tools and everything else. Man, that one rocks!

  • Anonymous

    yry notepad++
    it’s an excellent text editor for Windows…

  • Ville Komu

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  • mahasiswa teladan

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    thanks for sharing :)